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High Street Solicitors have a wealth of experience in Personal Injury, Employment Law and Conveyancing.  With over 10 years of happy clients rest assured you are in safe hands.  We provide FREE LEGAL ADVICE to London and the surrounding areas for all types of enquiries. We have a strong Employment Law department who are happy to advise on any employment matters you may require help with.

Our conveyancing team are on hand to assist with the sale or purchase of your property and ensure the contracts that surround any such transactions are water tight.


Accidents happen all around us wether your driving to work in your car, riding a bike or even doing the weekly shopping run. If those accidents are deemed to be the negligence of someone else then you may have a case for compensation. High Street Solicitors will fight for the compensation you deserve. In most cases we can run your case on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement which means Win Loose or Draw you won’t pay a penny in legal expenses.

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What is a NO WIN NO FEE agreement?

A No Win No Fee agreement is an arrangement between you and your solicitor and is effectively the contract, which sets out how your solicitor is paid for the work they do on your case. The Term No Win No Fee means in the event your case is not successful then your solicitor will not be paid for the work they do. On reaching a successful outcome then your solicitor will claim their costs from the other party, which in most cases will be an insurance company.

The correct term for ‘no win no fee’ is called a Conditional Fee Arrangement and has been around since 1990 as part of the Courts and Legal Services Act(Section 58) but didn’t start to be used until 1995.