Car Accident Claims In London

If you were driving a car or motorbike, having a lift as a passenger or the unfortunate pedestrian that got involved in the accident, you may have a valid entitlement to seek compensation. A three stage application on this page and your application is underway. You can phone or chat online with Claims London, confirm a few details and click, it’s that simple.

• Many cyclists head for work in the rush hour, have you been hit by an inattentive driver?
• The bad condition of many roads, can lead to mishaps for pedestrians, cyclists and motorbike riders.
• The taxi bus or train you were traveling in has the misfortune to be involved in a collision.
• Perhaps the person at fault was not insured or has since proved difficult to trace.
• You may be unsure of your position and need some clarification or assurance that you should go ahead with a claim.

Don’t be hesitant if your individual situation does not exactly fit one of the above categories. Each case will be different, let Claims London look into it for you.

3 Simple Steps to claiming back your Road Traffic Accident Compensation

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