Conveyancing Claims In London

A Solicitor is always needed when buying or selling a house. Although in most cases a sale will eventually sell without much complication, unless there is a long chain. Conveyancing Solicitors make the process easy, they will:

• Draw up a contract that includes details of price, boundaries, fixtures and fittings, legal or planning restrictions and services.
• A Solicitor will answer questions and seek solutions that arise during the process.
• They will oversee the exchange of contracts, pass over money, hand over the properties legal documents and even do the key swopping.

Conveyancing Solicitors also have to deal with slightly more complex issues when the property comes with restrictions, these could include:

• Future use controls
• Estates in land
• Non possessory Interest, in which the land may be held by one person but the use of it by another.
• Easements are rights of way over one person’s land, by another person.
• Profits are when one person has the right to take material from land such as timber or minerals.
• Restrictive Covenants are limits on what the land can be used for.
• Equitable Servitudes are also restrictions on use.

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