Botox Claims In London

It is not generally known that Botox is a derivative Type A of Botulininum which in its basic form is acutely toxic and has been known to cause Botulism ,in other words seriously life threatening. However like some other lethal chemicals, scientists and chemists have found therapeutic uses for it. Initially it was found useful in treating crossed eyes, blinking and spasms of the sphincter. In another form it inhibits sweating and chronic migraine. Later it was found to have a cosmetic effect on deep wrinkles and to fill out lips. These changes only last about four months, but it has not stopped a billion dollar industry forming.

If you are considering a Botox claim following procedures that have caused problems, you may need to speak with our qualified negligence solicitors.

Please contemplate the following:

  • Have you had paralysis of the wrong muscle groups?
  • Have you had serious allergic reactions?
  • Were you told to avoid breastfeeding or not undertake the procedure whilst pregnant?
  • Have you suffered respiratory failure?
  • Have you suffered muscle weakness, pneumonia, blurred vision, headaches and even speech disorders?

Qualifications for injecting Botox varies from country to country and it is not without reason that the box warnings include the information that effects may spread from the injection point to other parts of the body.

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