Breast Enlargement Compensation In London

The female breast is a source of fascination to many men but often a basis of embarrassment, pride or discomfort and worry for women. Breast augmentation has become very popular, perhaps dictated by fashion and in response there have been a lot of establishments offering their services. The problem arises when the result does not live up to the expectation for one of several reasons and results in breast enlargement claims:

  • Inexperienced medical surgery.
  • Poor aftercare or none at all.
  • Slippage of introduced material or uneven shape.
  • Scarring
  • Skin rippling, particularly with Saline solutions.
  • Leakage and even shell rupture with early silicone methods.
  • Reactions of the body to change and chemicals.

Not all breast enlargements are dictated by an optional wish to change body shape. We must bear in mind that post-mastectomy breast reconstruction or repair of congenital defects require possible surgery. Apart from Silicone and saline solutions a more natural process has been what is termed “Fat Graft”, referring to the use of injecting natural material from other parts of the body or using skin flaps.

Should any of these procedures have left you worried or unsatisfied and you are considering breast enlargement claims, then please call our advisors who will be able to discuss your situation in a private and helpful manner.

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