Breast Reduction Compensation In London

Have you suffered the discomfort of large breasts and decided to have surgery or undergone breast implants and then reverted back to a smaller size?  Large breasts can cause back and neck pain and affect posture. Did the procedure go according to plan, or have you experienced problems that may have made you consider a breast reduction claim?

Several things can go wrong with this type of surgery; do any of the points listed refer to your condition?

  • Infection causing major and lasting discomfort.
  • Scarring in obvious areas that cannot be hidden and may be permanent.
  • Poor medical skills due to inexperienced cosmetic or plastic surgeons.
  • Disfigurement or asymmetrical shape after surgery.
  • Leakage, rippling or shell rupture, necessitating breast reduction procedures.
  • Poor aftercare resulting in on-going problems.
  • Reaction to anaesthesia, excessive bleeding during operation.

There are some effects that are common, including a partial loss of feeling and possible breast feeding problems.

Something which is very uncommon but has resulted in the past in a breast reduction claim, are blood clots that form in the large veins going to the heart and lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.


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