Chemical Peel Compensation Claims In London

A chemical peel consists of an acidic solution applied to the face or body for a period of up to about 14 days depending on the depth of the exfoliation required. There are basically three variations, a superficial peel using glycolic acid or dry ice, or a medium depth second degree burn using something like Trichoroacitic acid. In really deep procedures Phenol, better known as carbolic acid is used. This is the same stuff whose derivatives are used to make epoxy resin, detergents and herbicides.

What are some of the things you may need to consider for a Chemical Peel Claim?

  • Did you have a test spot done prior to the full procedure?
  • Were you given a prior course of medicine to prevent infection?
  • Were you asked about the acne drugs you were already taking?
  • Were you asked if you had an impaired immune system before the operation?
  • With the deep layer operation using Phenol, was a heart monitor and intravenous fluids used? There have been cases of heart, liver and kidney failure.

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