Cosmetic Dentistry Compensation Claims In London

People with cracked, crooked, missing or badly stained teeth are likely to consider having cosmetic work done. Not being able to smile freely could cause emotional stress, self-consciousness and may even be necessary for a particular line of work involving meeting and talking to others. The older generation may have a lot of the silver fillings that they wish to replace.

What could go wrong and necessitate a cosmetic dentistry claim?

  • The Dentist has a legal obligation to inform you of all the procedures that are available and the possible results.
  • Many Dentists use lasers and only have a standard proficiency licence.
  • Failed implants result in expensive and difficult procedures to resolve any issues.
  • Accidents can occur during bleaching of teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers may cause problems.
  • Poor crown and bridge work, substandard treatment and even misdiagnosis.
  • Inadequate root canal treatment caused by failure to completely fill the canal or remove the entire root, resulting in infection and continued pain.

Please contact us if you feel that there is a reason why you should apply for a Cosmetic dentistry claim. We can discuss the details and consider a no win-no fee case.

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