Electrolysis Compensation Claims In London

The process destroys the growth centre of the individual hair with heat or chemicals; this is followed by removing it from the follicle. It can be done on most areas of the body and often for cosmetic purposes. People who suffer from excessive back or arm hair or women who have fuzz on their upper lips may seek this treatment. It was estimated way back in 2008 that out of five thousand salons using this procedure, only about eight hundred were actually licenced by the Healthcare Commission. If permanent scarring has been inflicted by inexperienced staff, you may be eligible for an electrolysis claim.

  • Have you received burns, blistering or serious pain from such a procedure?
  • Did you have a consultation, explaining all the procedure?
  • Did they use the correct equipment, i.e. a needle electrolysis machine and not photo epilators or electronic tweezers that can be purchased in a high street shop?
  • Had the practitioner received specialist training and certificates to prove it?
  • Were any irritating chemicals used?
  • Did the practitioner wear disposable gloves?

If you have any questions relating to a possible Electrolysis claim, please speak to our professional negligence solicitors who will be able to help you make the right decision.

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