Eyebrow Lift Compensation Claims In London

An Eyebrow lift seems such an innocent procedure, it is suggested when someone wishes to get rid of that tired look, created when gravity eventually forces the brow to sag over the bone rim. It also gets rid of frown lines and transverse wrinkles. However the operation involves making several incisions across the forehead near the hair line, removing some muscle and possibly inserting screws or even something called the Endoline Forehead Solution, that has multiple points of contact.

What can go wrong and necessitate an Eyebrow Lift Claim?

  • Any drilling into bone and insertion of medical implants or screws could cause discomfort, infection or wound healing problems.
  • Some people may lose hair at the site of operation and require transplants.
  • There could be nerve damage and difficulty moving the forehead, resulting in less facial expression.
  • The lift could be overdone and result in the “Startled Rabbit “look.
  • The surgeon failed to explain all the procedures and probabilities, leaving the patient with stress problems after the operation.
  • The result did not correct the problem and may even have produced new ones.

An Eyebrow lift claim can be discussed with us easily on the phone; we are experienced in all forms of medical negligence.

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