Eyelash Extension Compensation Claims In London

Eyelash augmentation is meant to thicken and elongate your own eyelashes, a bit like hair extensions. They are temporary, unlike eyelash transplants carried out by doctors. With any procedures around the eye area, great care has to be taken by the beautician. If they are inexperienced with little training then accidents may well happen. It is often difficult to tell from an establishment if they are regulated or have good teaching practices.

An eyelash extension claim could be instigated because of negligence causing burning or allergic reactions from the glue that is used.  Protective pads should have been inserted under the lash to protect the eye. If even one drop of glue enters the eye socket it could cause severe irritation.

Extensions are fixed to your natural lashes, if they come out then there is a possibility that the synthetic lash could cause problems if trapped in the eye socket, because it will not dissolve.

Oil based beauty products could dissolve the glue and cause infection or even a blurring of vision. People with allergies such as bad hay fever should have been questioned and advised as to the suitability of the treatment.

Please speak to our Cosmetic negligence solicitors about your case; you do not have to commit to follow through with an Eyelash extension claim, but there is no harm in investigating possibilities

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