Eyelid Surgery Compensation Claims In London

Before and after photographs are big selling points when it comes to cosmetic surgery. They have become so popular that some clinics are doing many procedures a day, just with Blepharoplasty surgery. Older people who suffer from age related droopy eyelids are a big percentage of the applicants. The term eyelid lift is actually a misconception, in fact they are not lifted but incisions are made in the skin to remove fat and muscle and then re-stitched. So what are some of the problems with this operation that may cause an eyelid surgery claim?

  • Patients being disappointed because of the lack of communication between them and the surgeon, who did not explain fully what could occur.
  • Loss of upper eyelid fold, which is an important aesthetic part of anyone’s face. Clever doctors do delicate work and leave the fold, less experienced people don’t.
  • Upper crease too high, the textbooks suggest 10mm but experts feel 6 or 7 is enough.
  • Removal of too much muscle and the forehead relaxes and the eyebrows fall.
  • Inability to close eyes because of removal of too much skin.
  • In rare cases even blindness due to damage to the cornea,
  • Discolouration, Asymmetrical looking eyes, double vision and haemorrhage and bleeding into eye socket.

If you feel you have developed injury due to medical negligence and wish to make an eyelid surgery claim speak to us, we have the knowledge and expertise.

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