Facelift Compensation Claims In London

Most people have facelift surgery to correct the signs of aging, it is technically known as Rhytidectomy and has become commonplace to such an extent that Clinics are operating all over the country. They need to be registered as an independent hospital under the Care Standards Act, but some may employ inexperienced staff.


The sort of procedures carried out include repairing sagging in the mid face, creases below eyelids, creases from the nose to the edges of the mouth ,loose skin and Jowls. These operations may improve the look of a patient or they may go sadly wrong. So what recourse do you have in making a facelift claim? Part of the problem and the reason you need to speak to one of our Medical Negligence Solicitors, is that cosmetic changes can be subjective, but consider these points:

  • Do you have scarring that you were not warned about?
  • Did the surgeon fail to explain fully all the ramifications?
  • Was post-operative care of a poor standard or even none at all.
  • Was there a suitable period of time between being told the facts and making a decision.
  • Where you offered psychological support to make sure that you were prepared for the changes.
  • Did you receive guidance in written form?


If you feel you have grounds for a facelift claim, please call us without obligation.

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