Garra Fish Compensation Claims In London

How do you disinfect live fish, ready for the next customer? The toothless Garra fish nibbles at your dead skin, or to be more precise sucks away at it. But the fish mostly imported from places like Turkey and Syria, have sometimes been found to contain group B streptococcus bacteria which could cause pneumonia and bone infections in rare cases, added to which they are resistant to antimicrobial medications.

The fish also deposit their waste in the same water that your feet are in, and assuming that they are used more than once, it will not be waste from your feet.

Potential Garra Fish Spas claim considerations:

  • Did your Spar claim that it would be good for Psoriasis and Eczema. There is more a likelihood of infection through open wounds.
  • People with weakened immune systems such as HIV should be very careful of this procedure.
  • Did the Spa use disposable towelling or inspect your feet before immersion?
  • How clean are the pedicure tubs and filtration systems? Bacteria can live on almost any surface.

Garra fish spas are already banned in some U.S. states, but regulations due to lack of enough study into the subject are not predominantly strict in other countries.

If you have cause for concern and are considering a Garra Fish Spa claim, please talk to our expert solicitors in confidence.

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