Hair Transplant Compensation Claims In London

So what can possibly result in a hair transplant claim?

  • “Shock Loss” Your original hair falls out with the intrusion of its new neighbours. Not only that but the transplanted hair also continues to fall out, so you don’t end up with quite the new look you anticipated. What actually happens is that your hair goes into a resting state for several months before the normal cycle will resume, you hope.
  • Typically hair is removed from the back of the head and re-planted, therefore the total number of hairs on your head doesn’t actually change, they are just re-distributed. Someone hoping for a sudden full head of hair is in for a shock.
  • Younger men who have not fully finished loosing hair will find that after a transplant the original hair will continue to fall out whilst the replanted hair stays. This could look extremely embarrassing in the long run. You could end up with a monk’s fringe and nothing further back.
  • Short term problems may include Keloid scars, swelling, itching and also surprisingly hiccoughs. Cysts could also form when damaged follicles are forced back into deeper skin layers.

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