Hairdressing Compensation Claims In London

You may go into a hairdresser with trepidation, wondering if they are going to do a good styling job, but you don’t enter expecting to lose your hair unnaturally or be burnt. There is a Hair Council but many businesses do not register and a proliferation of small one person outfits without insurance, even operating out of their car and doing home visits. When you consider that bleaches used for perming are very strong and colouring liquids are not all that well regulated, it is a recipe for trouble.

Consider these points when thinking about a hairdressing claim:

  • Was a patch or hair strand test done prior to full bleaching?
  • Was the person experienced, mixed solutions correctly or failed to remove solutions at the correct time that later caused problems?
  • Did you have to seek medical help for injuries caused by the process?
  • Straightening hair is quite a complex procedure; proper tests should have been carried out.
  • Did you have an allergic reaction to the dye used?

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