Laser Surgery Compensation Claims In London

Lasers have taken over a lot of the work of the scalpel and allowed far more precise surgery. In the cosmetic field they are used to resurface skin even on the face by burning the cells until they burst. It sounds severe but produces new layers with youthful collagen. It is also used to treat acne, warts, stretch marks, wrinkles, sunspots and birthmarks.

The LASIK technique is used to correct myopia and farsightedness as well as presbyopia a form of age related sight problem.

So what can go wrong and potentially instigate a laser surgery claim?

  • Not every country regulates how the surgeon carries out the procedure. With so many clinics, lack of experience may be a factor.
  • Until recently the initial cut in eye surgery was done with a mechanical blade. This was far less efficient than a laser cutting the corneal flap.
  • People with sensitive skin may not be able to tolerate the procedures and after care applications, this should have been discussed before anything was decided.
  • Dark skinned people may end up with far lighter patches of new skin.
  • Cold sores, infections, blood vessels reacting badly.

If you have experienced problems and are considering a laser surgery claim, please call our professional negligence solicitors.

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