Manicure Negligence Compensation Claims In London

Manicure procedures seem relatively harmless on a scale of things that can go wrong with cosmetic techniques. Whilst this is true, there has still been the occasional case involving a manicure negligence claim. The use of emery boards and cuticle trimming has the potential for infection if the items used are not sterile or replaced after each new customer. Fungal infection can spread to feet and hand nails and is extremely difficult to eradicate. In the worst case scenario the nails may have to be removed completely.

Damage to the cuticle being pushed in, may result in swelling and infection that could affect the individual finger or thumb, not a good thing if you earn your wages playing the piano. This happened to a famous singer and talent show judge.

All sterilised tools should be kept in a sealed plastic container or bag before being used.

Shellac based applications can cause the nails to become flimsy and weak and even crack and fall apart. When an under layer is of a different base ingredient and not fully dry before a top coat application, then buckling and cracking could occur. This opens the nail to the possibility of infection.

If you feel that you wish to pursue a manicure negligence claim, please speak to our professional advisors at no cost.

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