Microdermabrasion Compensation Claims In London

This process differs from Derma abrasions often carried out by Doctors to remove tattoos and age spots, that goes much deeper and uses sterilised sandpaper, salt crystals and even wire brushes. If that procedure was done to you by an unqualified practitioner, you definitely have a case for a microdermabrasion claim.

The micro version should only touch the epidermis layer of dead skin and even then only the Stratum Corneum. The process involves an application of rough grains shot at the surface and at the same time hovering everything it displaces, to literally buff away the top layer of supposedly dead skin. The body then reacts and goes about replacing it with new fresh tissue over the next few weeks. It is meant to give the recipient a fresh new face after seven to thirty days.

Possible reasons for a Microdermabrasion Claim:

  • The process uses aluminium oxide or forms of sodium. Did you get warned about possible reactions?
  • Vacuum action if allowed to go too deep can cause blemishes and bruising.
  • Eyelids should never be treated; if yours were, then you have a potential case for a claim.
  • Facial herpes viruses could be re-activated with this procedure.

Please speak to our professional solicitors about your experience, if you feel that medical or technical negligence has occurred.

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