Nail Damage Compensation Claims In London

Even with something as simple as having your nails treated, there can be problems that can occur, leading to a possible nail damage claim.

  • If you suffer injury to your nails or the cuticle, it could develop into an infection or cause some nerve damage and loss of sensation.
  • If you have a job that requires regular use of hands and fingers it may result in loss of earnings.
  • Procedures can weaken and thin the nails causing cracking and possible loss, or the necessity for removal under anaesthetic.

Subsequent problems that have been linked to possible nail damage include breathing disorders, blood poisoning, fungal infections and other micro bacterium germs. These can enter your system from damage to the skin layers using infected cosmetic tools.

There is also a possibility that you may react badly to new chemicals being used for the first time.

Should you feel that due to subsequent problems there is a need to consider a nail damage claim, please contact us by telephone or on our live chat feature? We will be happy to discuss your particular case.

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