Nose Job Compensation Claims In London

Its official name is Rhinoplasty and is undertaken to reconstruct the form and restore functions in the case of accidents or breathing difficulties. However more and more people are having reconstructive surgery because they do not like what they have already got. If the procedure goes wrong, many patients don’t follow up with a nose job claim because they feel that they put themselves in that position and it is therefore partly their fault. Whilst it is true that your eventual look is in the eye of the beholder, you may have genuine reasons for considering a claim.

  • Was the operation carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon? With clinics springing up everywhere, this is not such an outrageous suggestion.
  • Did you suffer post-operative infection, blood clots, nerve injury, breathing problems or damage to the Septum?
  • Were you misled about the operation? Some procedures are non-surgical and involve subcutaneous injections of inert fillers. These are relatively transitory and you may have paid heavily for something that does not last.
  • Have you suffered psychological stress as a consequence of a nose job that you feel has gone terribly wrong?

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