Pedicure Compensation Claims In London

It may be very relaxing to have a pedicure and you would think that it was an entirely safe procedure. Most times it is, but there have been a number of cases over the last few years where outbreaks of infection have started from one or more beauty salons. In each case numerous people have suffered bad pus filled blistering and in some cases permanent scars. It is very rare but there have been deaths attributed to antibiotic resistant infections linked to pedicure negligence claims.

Consider the following:

  • Were the instruments used, fully sterile?
  • Were the instruments re-usable or disposable?
  • Did the salon have washing facilities and did the technician wash their hands before and after the procedure?
  • Was the footbath fully sterilised after the last customer? Small micro germs grow on dead skin and can adhere to footbaths.
  • Did the salon offer other services such as in grown toe nail removal? Do you want to be the next customer after someone has had an infected toe nail removed?

Consider speaking to our experienced solicitors about your problem, they will be able to advise you if you have a case for a pedicure negligence claim.

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