Semi Permanent Make-up Compensation Claims In London

Having to paint your face at least once a day becomes a burden for some. So the idea that you can have permanent eyebrows, lovely red lips and even blush, eye shadow and eyeliner, seems the perfect answer. The procedure involves injecting pigment into the upper layer of skin. So what can go wrong and should you make a semi-permanent make-up claim, if you experience problems?

  • This procedure is much like getting a tattoo, once done it is extremely hard to reverse the process and may even need reconstructive face surgery in the worst cases.
  • There are a lot of unqualified people with needles and many of the Dyes and inks available are still unregulated in some countries.
  • Infections and long term skin irritation where the irritant cannot easily be removed.
  • Some vegetable based dye can cause bad reactions.
  • Granules in the liquid can form lumps; there is also a problem with Keloids, overgrowths of old scar tissues.
  • Some shades of dye have induced swelling, cracking and pustules.

Talk to our specialists if you are considering making a semi-permanent make –up claim. They will be able to analyse your particular situation.

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