Tattoo Compensation Claims In London

For a period tattoos became rather unpopular, but that has all changed in recent years. Once the domain of men, now many women are having a discrete tattoo on the shoulder, ankle or stomach. If things go wrong then a tattoo claim may need to be considered.

The first and obvious potential problem is that you are putting a needle into the skin many hundreds of times, where it comes into contact with blood supply. There have been links to Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis and tetanus, also suggestions of possible HIV contamination. Tattoo inks are not as well regulated as they should be, one report suggests that 40% of organic colourings used in Europe have not been approved for use in cosmetic procedures and that up to 20% contain carcinogenic amine. A 3 inch by 5 inch tattoo may well contain between 1 to 23 micrograms of lead.

The recipient could have an allergic reaction if it is their first tattoo. If it was done in a high street shop, there would be little in the way of real medical knowledge, although bloodbone pathogen training is becoming obligatory in some regions.

If you feel that your treatment on receiving a tattoo or its removal was not of an acceptable medical nature or are experiencing problems, then speak to our professional solicitors about a possible tattoo claim.


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