Tummy Tuck Compensation Claims In London

A Tummy tuck claim may be considered if any of the following apply to your situation:

  • Lack of post-operative care.
  • Poor repositioning, it has not been unknown for the original belly button to be left internally, causing severe infection.
  • Bad scarring, some operations require three major incisions, one above the pubic line, another above the belly button and a third on the back.
  • Catheter or drainage tubes may have to be inserted causing potential infection. Failure to follow up and treat an infection may be grounds for a Tummy tuck claim.
  • Excessive bleeding, nerve damage could leaving you numb over large areas.
  • Removal of too much of the body fat, due to poor surgical techniques.
  • Damage to surrounding organs.
  • Psychological stress due to disfigurement, tight stitching may cause some people to walk bent over for a long period of time, causing back and neck problems.
  • Deep vein thrombosis.
  • Skin necrosis in which the blood supply to tissue around the abdomen area has been blocked causing it to die.

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