Waxing Compensation Claims In London

Putting hot wax on any part of your body is going to cause some pain, around the eyes it could prove disastrous if the wax has been applied far too hot by an inexperienced and inattentive technician. There are so many beauty clinics cropping up that regulating them, is very difficult. If training standards are low and you have suffered as a consequence then you may need to consider a waxing claim.

All parts of the body can be waxed including legs, arms, stomach and back, but it is the face that is most susceptible to damage.

  • Even small drops of hot wax can burn sensitive skin.
  • Was a test patch done 48 hours before, to see if your skin reacts to possible allergy, burn or pigmentation problems?
  • Did you lose earnings due to time off work recovering from waxing damage?
  • Artificial chemicals may have been added to the wax.
  • Waxing strips that are removed harshly can cause the skin to rip, leaving possible scarring and the potential for infection. A trained beautician will stretch the skin before removing strips carefully.

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