Dental Negligence Claim In London

Visiting the dentist either for just a routine check up or treatment is rarely a pleasurable experience. When treated we expect to receive the highest level of care and the majority of dental practitioners operate their practices to a very high standard. A dentist would be negligent if he or she provided you with treatment that was below the standard of a professional operating by the standards set by the British Dental Association and/or The Dental Practice Board. Has your Dentist breached their ‘Duty of Care’ towards you?

If you feel that the dental treatment you have received has been poor and has caused you injury or inconvenience then you might have grounds for a claim. There are various ways in which people can suffer due to dental negligence:

• Improper Dental Technique
• Poor or lack of treatment leading to severe pain, tooth loss or other complications
• Misdiagnosis of the condition
• Misdiagnosis of gum disease resulting in mistreatment or poorly fitted implants
• Inadequate root canal treatment
• Extraction of the wrong tooth
• Failure to properly manage/ treat tooth decay
• Inadequate crowns and fillings
• Orthodontics-Brace problems
• Cuts/Abrasions to the gums and mouth
• Swabs/implements dropped into the throat

Cosmetic Dentistry Claims

Accidents can occur as a result of bleaching, crown and bridgework, orthodontic work, porcelain veneer work, Dental Implant work. You might have been advised incorrectly by your dentist that certain treatments were not available under the NHS and paid unnecessarily for private care. You might be entitled to a claim.

If Dental Negligence is proven you could be entitled to claim for damages as a result of your suffering as well as Loss of Earnings for any time taken off work for further treatment, Costs towards any remedial treatment that might be required and ‘Out of Pocket’ expenses.
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