Employment Law Claims London

Legal action regarding employment law claims is a very specialist field and requires experienced solicitors to present your case. There is also a time limit for appeal to the Employment tribunal, as little as three months in many cases. Call our experienced solicitors immediately if you are considering a claim for one of the many categories listed below.

• Unfair dismissal, redundancy or suspension.
• Harassment, Stress, whistleblowing or discrimination of any description.
• Pay and contract disputes, minimum wage and time off. (Pregnancy or children)
• Health and safety issues.
• Lack of training, unsafe conditions and unfair work pressure.
• Other issues including transfer of undertakings, breach variation, restrictive practises and covenants.
Claims London understands the modern pressures of employment and have experience in treating cases with speed but efficiency, in complete confidence.
Please call us or use the online chat feature to discuss employment law claims without any initial commitment.

You may feel that you have no possibility of compensation, but if you enquire, we may be able to help you achieve recompense with our no win-no fee policy.

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