Breach of Contract London

Contracts are the real form of security between employer and employee. They allow for a series of agreements covering pay and conditions both legal and implied and promises of attitude and application to a particular post.
A well-reasoned and fair contract will cover most eventualities and a wise firm will have learnt from past experience and adjusted its policy documents on a regular basis.

However not even the best contract can cover human relationships fully and when a dispute arises, it is often because one side or the other has been in breach of contract, even if it seemed a reasonable decision at the time.
Any variations or changes to the initial contract must be agreed by both sides after consultation. If the employer changes an individual signed indenture without discussion, it is deemed illegal.

Unfortunately a breach of contract often results in a loss of trust, which is an important part of any relationship. It almost guarantees that at some stage there will be a parting of the ways.
If you feel that an illegal change has occurred and it has affected your situation in any form, then you may wish to consider a Breach of Contract Claim with our Solicitors.

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