Contracts of Employment In London

The contract of employment is a binding agreement over working conditions between an employer and employee, many clauses may affect the workforce in general, but there will be individual differences although basic rights are more or less universal.

In the first instance it may just be a verbal agreement, but within two months it should be written down and signed. Some issues are only implied because they are standard industry conditions, such as minimum wage. Any later alterations must be with the consent of both sides.

The reason for a contract is that the employee is by situation a relative dependent of the employer, thus statutory rights provide equality of bargaining power.

There are two types of employed person as regards contracts:

• ‘Workers’ who as a basic rule exchange work for pay. They have Health and safety cover, entitled to minimum wage, holiday pay and most other standard issues.

• ‘Employees’ have more protection because they are usually long term contracts and long standing obligations and have more rights covering redundancy and dismissal.
If you are concerned about your agreements with the company, perhaps they have breached the trust and you are considering a contract of employment claim, then speak to us today.

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