Disability Discrimination Claims In London

An employer cannot discriminate due to a person’s actual or perceived disability. Although to be classified as disabled you need to prove physical or mental impairment that affects your day to day activities, which includes work. It is therefore imperative that you use experienced solicitors if you wish to make a Disability discrimination claim.

  • If an employer treats a disabled person unfairly despite them having the correct qualifications and abilities to undertake the required tasks, then it could be considered discrimination.
  • Harassment or offensive remarks that affect a person’s mental or physical condition that can be proved were instigated in the work place.
  • Undue hardship, unrealistic job assignments and failure to accommodate disability, such as ramps, door widening or appropriate toilet facilities.
  • Reasonable adjustments to recruitment policies.
  • Unfair treatment to work colleagues who have made complaints on behalf of or supported complaints made by the disabled person.
  • A person is denied promotion prospects without clear reasoning.
  • The Equality Act of 2010 clearly states the grounds on which disability discrimination claims can be considered. If you feel that you have due cause for a complaint, please call us or use the free live chat feature to discuss your case.

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