Disciplinary Procedure Claims In London

Disciplinary procedures are usually caused by either an

• Individual’s behaviour.
• Continued or regular absence.
• Poor standards of workmanship, leading to serious disadvantages for the company.

There is a code of practice set out by ACAS that tries to resolve these issues in a sensible manner. The employer should write to the employee and state clearly all their reasons for taking disciplinary procedures. A meeting should be arranged, but giving time for the employee to consider his appeal and involve support. in the form of another person at the meeting who can take notes. This could be a friend but it is more advisable to take someone who knows the law or someone from a Trade Union. There should be no action taken against the employee before the meeting.

The employee must be given opportunity to appeal if initial decisions go against them. At the end if the worker is still dissatisfied with the disciplinary procedures, he should consider an appeal to the Employment Tribunal.
In these types of cases it is very easy to become emotionally detached from the realities of the situation. The employee must consider carefully if they have in any way breached their contract, before considering a claim.

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