Discrimination Compensation Claims In London

Discrimination claims cover a wide spectrum and require careful consideration by experienced solicitors. However they also come with time application restraints, so it is important that you contact us as soon as possible after any event.

Every person has a right to equal treatment in the work place:

  • All job applications should be considered no matter the size of the organisation, the job sector and for both permanent and casual employment.
  • Everyone should enjoy equality of pay, benefits, training and promotion chances if they are employed equally at any particular level.
  • Employers should take all possible measures to insure that there is no discrimination and follow up any reported cases without prejudice.
  • Employers have a statutory obligation to protect and treat equally, people of any working age, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation or partnership status.
  • Discrimination claims can be considered in cases of unfair dismissal, forced retirement, disability issues, Trade Union affiliation or Harassment.

Human Rights issues are covered under the Human Rights Act and could take the form of a judicial review proceeding. Discrimination when purchasing goods or from intentionally bad service, may go to the county court for consideration. The majority of discrimination claims are dealt with by the Employment tribunal.

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