Equal Pay Compensation Claims In London

It is difficult to gain information if you are seeking an equal pay claim. It would seem that all you have to do is ask a colleague of equal rank in private, what they are earning. Even if they told you, it is possible that they are in breach of a pay secrecy clause written into your contracts. These clauses could be overridden by anti-discrimination legislation, if there were suitable grounds for suspecting that because of age, race, sex or disability you were being paid less. Employers would claim that contrary to what it appears the jobs are not exactly the same, so you would need to base a case with a solicitor before making an Equal Pay Claim. You can only make a claim if:

  • The people on the same level as you are within your company.
  • You are making a claim regarding someone of the opposite sex.
  • Your terms of contract are less favourable than an equal work colleague.

Piggyback claims rectified a discriminatory catch in the Equal Pay Act in which men can now claim equality with women who have won pay claims, provided they are on the same level, regarding experience, skill, knowledge and expertise.

Please talk to our experienced solicitors about a possible Equal pay claim, you can phone or use the internet chat feature to make your enquires, for free.

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