Flexible Working Hours In London

Everyone has the right to apply for flexible working hours. A claim of discrimination could be lodged if the employer refuses, even if it would cause the company problems. A woman with young children asking for consideration may even be able to claim Sex discrimination if her request was refused. This applies to full, part-time, shift work, long hours and overtime. A flexible working hours claim may be considered if you feel that the company has not taken into consideration your situation or acted in a proper manner over your application.

Common types of flexible hours:

• Job sharing to allow both people to use their time more efficiently.
• Working from home using modern technology is little different than being in an office, as long as the employee records the same number of hours working.
• The employer may need shift workers, staggered unusual hours or only night shift staff. They may also require compressed high intensity days with gaps between.
• A mother may be able to negotiate for later starts or earlier finishes, accommodating school hours.
If a company has not followed statutory procedures and you feel that you have sufficient grounds for a flexible working hours claim, then speak to our team of solicitors, who will be able to help you.

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