Harassment Compensation Claims In London

You are protected by the Harassment Act of 1997, which covers many types of aggravation in the workplace.  Harassment Claims can lead to sizable damages awarded and even possible prison in extreme cases for the perpetrator.

Companies need to be very careful and ensure that they always follow procedures with regard to harassment situations. It is their duty to make it clear that there is no place for it within their establishments.

  • Sexual harassment can take the form of uninvited behaviour either verbal or physical. If it creates a demeaning or threatening situation and affects someone’s mental state and performance at work. Sending unwanted images by e-mail to other persons within the department or in other companies can also be classed as harassment.
  • Forcing someone to work under unreasonable conditions and pressure, or even situations that breach the health and safety code.
  • Using unfair verbal pressure to make someone consider or actually resign their post.
  • Using race, age, disability or religion as an excuse to use intimidating or insulting behaviour.


If you feel that you have been discriminated against by harassment within you work environment, then please call us or use the free chat feature on this website to discuss your situation with regard to a Harassment claim.

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