National Minimum Wage In London

The National Minimum Wage depends on age or if someone is an apprentice. They must be at least school leaving age which is the last Friday in June of the year that they turn 16. At the moment the pay rate for 18 to 20 year olds is approximately five pounds an hour and is amended every October.

Contracts that are below the minimum wage are basically illegal and certainly not binding.
Providing you are the correct age, the following people are entitled to the minimum wage. National minimum wage claims would be appropriate if you are having problems:

• Agency or casual workers
• Part-time employees.
• Homeworkers employed on a contract.
• Apprentices or people who are trainees.
• Disabled workers.
• People who work off shore or have to travel.
Workers who are not entitled include the following:
• Self-employed
• Volunteers for charities who may get expenses.
• Directors of companies.
• People who are on schemes or programmes arranged by the Government.
• Students on placement work or Job centre programmes.
• Armed forces
• People who work for a religious type community
• People serving a jail sentence.

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