Situations that have a negative effect on employees during the working day are called “Stressors”.  Some examples are

  • Lack of control over you workload and lack of any recognition for the effort you make.
  • Insecurity and a fear of being made redundant, if you don’t achieve what is required.
  • Harassment from a boss who is unpredictable or even bullying.
  • Racism, sexism and age discrimination.
  • Physical or psychological pressure from other workers.

Physical and work placed problems leading to possible occupational stress claims:

  • Poor lighting, ventilation or heating on a daily basis
  • Constantly changing shift work, forced overtime.
  • Fear of accidents and being required to ignore safety procedures in order to fill quotas.
  • Completely unnecessary paperwork preventing you from doing the actual job.

There are many more examples, but what is most worrying is the effect it has on someone who is experiencing even just one of those problems.

  • Stomach acids, heart rate, tension and increased respiration over time will weaken the the body’s ability to fight illness.
  • Repeated absence due to depression, drug dependency, ill health real or imaginary and family and relationship problems.
  • Fatigue, anxiety, tension and even anger.

Many jobs nowadays are semi-automatic, requiring the worker to spend endless hours a day doing a mindless, repetitive action with little or no stimulus or job satisfaction. In these situations accidents can easily happen and they regularly do end up as occupational stress claims.

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