Pay Dispute Compensation Claims In London

Pay Dispute Claims arise when there is a disagreement between worker and employer over what they should be paid. This is always a matter of conjecture but there are some guidelines. A person should be earning the same as fellow workers who have relatively similar status including years served and experience. Nobody should be employed on a wage that is below the statutory minimum wage. HM Revenue and Customs can impose fines on companies that pay below the minimum wage. Some of the other reasons for pay dispute claims could be:

  • The Employer has not paid all or some of the wages.
  • There is a dispute about overtime and what should be paid.
  • The employee quit the job unexpectedly and did not receive wages, even though he is entitled to it.
  • The employee gave the correct notice, but was not paid till the end of the notice period.
  • The employee was asked to stop coming in despite having time left to serve, but the company did not pay wages for physical absence.
  • The company has gone into Liquidation, in which case you will need to apply to the liquidators appointed, to be registered for a claim.

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