Race Discrimination Compensation Claims In London

Discrimination by race, colour, ethnic or International origins is illegal, although extremely complex in nature. If someone has the appropriate qualifications for a job, they should be treated equally. If it can be proved that someone was not considered because of their skin tone or place of birth, then a Race discrimination Claim may be possible.

However some occupational requirement posts do need to consider specifics. If a welfare person is needed to liaise sensitively within cultural groups with definite prerequisites, then race and colour and particularly religious beliefs have to be taken into account.

Potential Race Discrimination Claims:

  • Any harassment in the work place by employers or fellow workers.
  • Policies that indirectly affect minority groups need to be rectified.
  • Training should be equal for everyone.
  • Promotion should be based on ability.
  • Pay should be based on the job and not the person employed.
  • Religion, colour or perceived racial connections, for example 2nd and 3rd generation pigmentation, should never be an issue.
  • The claimant and people who associate or support should be free of discrimination by employers and fellow workers.

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