Recovery of Training Fees In London

Training its personnel can cost an employer thousands of pounds, which if the employee then leaves is basically lost money. This is particularly galling if the person then goes and works for a direct competitor. By inserting a clause in the initial contract it gives some form of security.

The normal approach is to deem the costs to be a loan to the employee. Provided the person stays employed with them for an agreed length of time, then they will not have to pay it back. However if they do leave, then they will be responsible for all or part of the loan, depending on when the situation occurs. As each year of service passes the figures involved would be adjusted accordingly.

This form of loan agreement is often constructed separately from the main contract of work. This is another safeguard on behalf of the employer in case there are other breaches of contract, or recovery of training fees claim problems. Recovery costs may be reduced if it is proved that the company has gained financially from the training it has given to its employee.
Accurate assessments of costs need to be done in order to avoid claims of penalising the employee.

Please consult our team of expert solicitors if you feel you have grounds for a recovery of training fees claim.

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