Redundancy and Dismissal Claims In London

To protect yourself from future financial hardship it is important to understand the grounds on which you lost your regular employment.

  • Did you get dismissed without fair reason and not given full and adequate information as to why?
  • Do you feel that it was linked to race, religion, age, personal intolerance from management or Whistleblowing (protected disclosure.)
  • Did you receive adequate notice, which is normally one week after your first month of employment, rising by a week a year until the maximum of 12 weeks’ notice?

If a Redundancy and Dismissal Claims tribunal finds in your favour they can stipulate compensation or order re-employment. However in the case of gross misconduct, instant dismissal is justified without recourse to reparation.


Redundancy pay can be claimed after a minimum period of employment which stands at two years. It is the employer’s responsibility to see that the selection process is fair and decided only after consultation with the workforce and also adequate time allowed for decisions and appeals. If the company ceases to exist then the process will be different, depending on the situation.


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