Spent Convictions London

The Government allows a variety of criminal offenses to be hidden from future employees in any CV or interview questioning. However the ruling is very specific regarding the time that must elapse after someone has served their sentence ,before the term ‘Spent Convictions’ can come into play. Depending on the severity of the original offense, time periods will vary, however in the case of a sentence of over four years it will always have to be declared.


• Community Orders require 1 year.

• Custodial Sentences of under six months is 2 years and over six months is 4 years. Over thirty months requires a term of seven years waiting to have spent convictions disappear.

There are further time periods for dismissal from her majesties service. All Spent Convictions are only applicable in the UK and would need to be declared in various other countries. After the time period has been served you will not have to reveal the past sentence and if anyone else does, then you have a right to sue them.

Some employment is exempt from these regulations, so if you were applying for a post you would have to disclose the information.

These include amongst quite a few others:

• Actuary work, Accounting, Court Officers, Lawyers and Legal Managers, Nursing and Midwifery and working in the prison service.
• As a general rule it would be any job that could be considered affecting any form of National or social security and wellbeing.

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