Sex Discrimination Compensation Claims In London

When either sex is at a disadvantage, imposed by conditions at initial interview or later in the work environment, there is a case for discrimination. The gender of any individual should not be a valid reason for ruling them out as a possible employee. However there are difficult exceptions, if the type of work required is not possible for one particular gender such as a ladies toilet attendant, or a person needing to be able to lift 100 lb., although there is room for debate even then.

  • Sex discrimination claims may follow from violation of dignity, hostile behaviour or degrading and offensive situations or requirements. Advances or requests for sexual favours and offensive remarks.
  • Employers have a duty to care for their workforce, give support and quickly act to consider any complaint of discrimination. The working environment should be adjusted to give equality of use.
  • Management at any level should have received training in effective personnel skills in order to treat everyone equally. Harassment and bullying is never good practice, but when confined to cross gender interaction then it becomes sex discrimination.
  • There should be no problems with time off for pregnancy issues.
  • Anyone not conforming to traditional notions of masculinity or femininity deserves equal treatment to everyone else.

Sex discrimination claims can result if mediation is not effective. Speak to us if you feel you have been the victim of discrimination based on your gender. We will be able to discuss in private any potential claim.

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