Suspending Employees

Suspending employees is one step in ‘Progressive discipline’ procedures that any company has to take if they feel that it is warranted by the situation.

These include a primary warning:
• Verbal warning.
• Written warning, which can be repeated.
• Suspension
• Termination which should be by letter and personally delivered, to avoid claims that it was not received.

In the case of theft or violence these steps can be replaced by instant termination of employment.

Suspending Employees normally happens when a disciplinary issue is being investigated; it clears the path for a proper assessment of the problems. A persons pay entitlements should not be affected at this point, as it then does not reflect as a punishment.

The employer should write in the first instance, stating his case. The employer must then offer a meeting at which the employee can bring support. This may be a friend but it is better if the other person has legal knowledge.

You can get further information from:
• The Advisory and Conciliation Service.
• Citizens Advice Bureau.
• Your Trade Union.

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