Temporary Workers In London

Most temporary workers are recruited through an Agency. It is the job of these bureaus to vet and even in some cases train temporary workers for others, making sure that they are suitable candidates for any post that they are put forward for interview.
In some cases the person may receive a fixed term contract, temporary supply teaching staff would be an example in question.

Rights of temporary workers and agency staff:

• Paid holidays, someone working a regular five day week would be entitled to 18 days paid leave a year.
• Rest breaks, discrimination rights and same access to facilities such as works canteen, baby room, parking, staff or prayer room.
• National Minimum Wage and unlawful deductions from wages.

A person would also be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay, but in general not entitled to redundancy or unfair dismissal if they are only on a short term working agreement. However after you have worked in the same position for a period of twelve weeks, you should receive the same terms and conditions as someone who was recruited directly.

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