Tribunal Claims In London

All Tribunal Claims need to be submitted within a period of three months from when employment finished. In the case of discrimination or lack of wage payments then it would be from when the problem started. Redundancy and equal pay issues have other rules.

You should have worked for the company for a period of two years, however in the case of unfair dismissal; there are a number of clauses. (See unfair dismissal information page)

Many people seek advice from the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service in the first instance, but you will need a good solicitor and that is where Claims London can help you.

Tribunal Claims can take up to 27 weeks to consider your case, but if they find in your favour you will receive some type of compensation. In recent years for cases of Age, race, sex and religious discrimination it has been between four to seven thousand pounds.

Claims London can help you if the decision does not go in your favour. An Employment Appeal tribunal will hear the case, but it must be on flaws in points of law and not based on the original information. There is a limited time for appeals, so you need to act fast, speak to our professional solicitors.

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