Unfair Dismissal Claims In London

Unfair dismissal is outlined in the Employment rights Act of 1996 in which an employee cannot be dismissed unfairly regardless of time spent working for the company. Although the ruling since 2012 requires two years’ service unless specific breaches have occurred, these may include:

  • Sex, race, age and disability issues.
  • Employee following Health and safety guidelines.
  • An employee keeping to his rights regarding minimum wage disputes.
  • Whistleblowing or entering complaints or claims that are justified.
  • Trade Union activities or an employee refusing to join for understandable reasons.
  • Issues with maternity rights and pregnancy.
  • Part-time issues regarding equal treatment, Sunday working in the retail trade and rights under the Tax Credits Act 2000.

Other points to consider regarding unfair dismissal claims include conduct of both sides in the argument, employee capability and qualification for the post, redundancy issues and statutory restrictions preventing continuation of employment.

Unfair dismissal claims, Constructive dismissal and Wrongful dismissal are all different and you will need to talk to one of our experienced solicitors about your particular situation. Call or chat on-line in confidence, we will be able to make your position clearer.

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