Whistleblowing Claims In London

You are protected under the Discrimination Act of 1998, against any penalties or dismissal for speaking out against illegal malpractice in your work environment. This includes:

• Crime
• Illegal breaches of contract.
• Health and safety issues, particularly if someone’s health is at risk.
• Concealment of information that pertains to illegal practices.
• Damage to the Environment.
The general understanding of Whistleblowing is, making a disclosure in the interests of the general public.
What to do, or should have done:
• Check your terms of service contract very carefully.
• Ask the personnel department to enquire if the company has procedures.
• If a positive response is not forthcoming, you can apply to a number of agencies for help:

Her Majesties Revenue and Customs, or the Audit Commission will deal with business finance and fraud cases. Consumer protection is covered by the Office of Fair Trading and data protection by the Information Commissioner. Damage to our planet is the remit of The Environment Agency, The Health and Safety Executive and the Food Standards Agency also fulfil specific tasks. All of these can be contacted, addresses are online.

BE CAREFUL. You may be opening up a process when whistleblowing that will need Legal support, so please contact us for expert advice, before you proceed.

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