Working Time Regulations In London

In 1998 the Working Time Regulations act set out specifics covering the hours that people can be employed for. Consider this information if you intend to look into working time regulations claims:

• The working week should be 48 hours, although a person can opt for longer.
• The figure of 48 is based on an average of seventeen weeks, although in the case of hospital employees this may be an average of 26 weeks. However if both sides are in agreement then it can increase to the average of 52 weeks.
• Night working should be an eight hour shift. The employee also has the right to free health checks before and after a night shift.
• Everyone is entitled to uninterrupted rest time amounting to eleven hours in every twenty four.
• Workers should have one day a week off, have twenty minutes rest every six hours and more if there is a health and safety risk.
• Any full-time post should have a minimum of four weeks holiday a year.
• An employer can claim unfair constructive dismissal if they were forced to work hours that broke contractual or legal agreements.

Any working time regulations claim needs to be implemented within three months of the problem arising. It is important that you contact a solicitor to discuss your situation, we are here to help. You can talk for free on our chat-feature.

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